Episode 7: How to Grow Your Business Through Lead Generation With Rich Brooks

Today's guest is Rich Brooks.  He is a nationally recognized speaker on entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and social media.

He founded The Agents of Change, an annual conference and weekly podcast that focuses on search, social & mobile marketing.

Rich is the author of The Lead Machine: The Small Business Guide to Digital Marketing, a popular and well-received book that helps entrepreneurs and marketers reach more of their ideal customers online.

He has appeared in Inc. Magazine, The Huffington Post, FastCompany.com, CNN.com, the Social Media Examiner, and many other news sources for stories on digital marketing.

Questions we'll answer today:

  1. How can local businesses create new leads online?
  2. What is inbound marketing and why should a local business care?
  3. What is the tricky part of moving your lead gen from offline to online?
  4. What is the next wave of online marketing?
  5. How do you increase the number of quality conversations you have with new customers?

Rich is the President of flyte new media.

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